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Seven Principles of Sainthood

Seven Principle of Sainthood Following Saint Mother Theodore Guerin


Who hasn’t gotten sidetracked on their pathway to Christ? This world bombards us with temptations. But we don’t have to travel the road to heaven alone. Asking for assistance from holy people—living or deceased—and following their example can be a key to keeping or getting back on track.


In the Seven Principles of Sainthood, Mary K. Doyle identifies seven principles Saint Mother Theodore, also known as Saint Theodora, practiced on a daily basis, and thereby attained holiness. Through examples from the saint’s life and quotes from her writings, we learn of her struggles, goals, and achievements and how we can apply her practices to our own lives.


Mother Theodore’s principles include:

  • Pray with the Saints
  • Trust in Providence
  • Spread the Word of the Lord
  • Lead by Serving
  • Forgive Like Jesus
  • Be Just and Kind
  • Strive for Humility


Mother Theodore was a courageous, compassionate, dynamic, and even sometimes humorous woman of strength and faith, who achieved great success under difficult circumstances. As a French missionary she came to the United States in 1840 to establish a religious community and schools that provided Christian education to children in the American wilderness.


Poverty, illness, separation from loved ones, difficult superiors, and outright malice plagued her. Throughout it all, she put her trust in Providence and persevered. She knew that God would provide her with all she needed while on God’s mission.


Mary K. Doyle interspersed Mother Theodore’s gripping experiences with sound theological teachings and Scripture references. And yet, Seven Principles of Sainthood is easy to read and comprehend. Most of all, you will find Mother Theodore to be an exemplary role model on your own road to heaven.

Seven Principles of Sainthood

  • Paperback

    160 Pages

    ISBN 978-0-87946-355-7

    ACTA Publications

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