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Mentoring Heroes

Mentoring Heroes: 52 Fabulous Women’s Paths to Success and the Mentors Who Empowered Them


How do you reach higher personal and professional levels of success? Fifty-two fabulous women said that in business and in life you go further and faster with a little help from an experienced friend.


Mentoring Heroes by Mary K. Doyle is about fifty-two real women with real voices and experiences and the people who empowered them. They share honest stories on how they were mentored, who the men and women were that mentored them, and how they pass on the gift of mentoring.


“The Fabulous Fifty-Two” come from diverse geographical areas, age groups, and industries. They live across the country and range in age from twenties to eighties. They include a stockbroker, church volunteer, dentist, eye surgeon, attorney, Egyptologist, psychologist, magician’s assistant and more.


Through the stories of these women, Ms. Doyle shows the many ways one can be mentored. We live busy lives and may not have the time to get involved in a specific mentoring program. But we can tap into a mentor’s expertise through other methods. Today’s technology allows for communications by text messaging, emailing, and voice messages as well as over the phone, traditional mail, and of course, personal contact.


Mentoring also can occur in countless areas. It can effectively promote a protégé in the arts, sciences, finances, spirituality, business, or any other important aspect of your life.


The women’s experiences in Mentoring Heroes are as varied as the winding paths of each of their lives. Learn how they grew professionally and personally with and without mentors. You will be fascinated, inspired, and maybe even surprised at their stories.

Mentoring Heroes

  • Award Winner


    236 Pages

    ISBN 0-9677449-2-X

    3E Press


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