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Writing Clinic: Everyday and Every Day

One of the complicated aspects of the English language is the proper usage of words such as everyday and every day. These words are pronounced the same but are grammatically and significantly different. Verbally, this is not an issue, but it is in writing.

Here are some points to remember when writing these words.

  • Everyday means common, ordinary, or normal.

  • Everyday is an adjective. Adjectives are used with a noun.


  • Everyday life is the theme of this blog.

  • You wear your everyday coat during the week but your dress coat to special events.

Notice that everyday is accompanied with the nouns life and coat. If you can ask, “what,” such as everyday what, use everyday.

  • Every day is a combination of two words meaning each day.

  • Every day consists of an adjective (every) and a noun (day).


  • I walk three miles every day.

  • I drink coffee every day.

Notice there are no more nouns after the word day. If you can replace every with each, use every day.

©2013, Mary K. Doyle

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