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Writer, Photographer, or Both?

First and foremost, I’m a writer. I’ve been writing since I learned my letters. It’s my fuel, my passion, what I enjoy most in my daily life. In fact, I don’t think I could live without writing.

But then comes photography. I also enjoy capturing the beauty around us and sharing what I found. The challenge is to get enough photos to enhance what I’m writing about, or tell a story through that one critical photo, without missing the living story. Viewing the world behind the camera is not the same as being a part of what’s happening, seeing more than what’s captured in the viewfinder, and noticing what’s occurring all around me.

While on my recent trip to Greece, there was much to see—and much to learn, hear, and experience. I struggled to find the balance of when to get the key shots and when to put the camera down and pay attention. For example, I wish I’d taken photos of what I was eating (something I don’t typically do) and more photos in some locations.

But then, I need to be alert to discover the tidbits that make a story special, the seasoning that makes the event or site so delicious. In addition, it was a pleasure to set the camera aside on occasion to mingle with my dear friend, Sally, as well as my new friends.

There’s a tremendous commitment when writing and taking photos. It’s never just a party, vacation, or outing. I can’t simply relax and enjoy. Instead, I must be sensitive to the sights and sounds and all that sparks my senses so that I may bring it back to you.

*Photo: Open window. Greece

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