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Why I Love Jesus’ Mother

Blessed Mother, Virgin Mary, Holy Mother, or simply, Mary. The mother of Jesus is the most well-known, and definitely the most written about woman in history. And there is good reason for this. Once we are aware of her presence, we can never deny her existence or her love for us.

Some Christians say that our devotion should only be shown to the Trinity. But loving Mary does not mean that we love the Lord any less. In fact, we love God more when we know Mary because she always brings us closer to God.

After all, no human has the intimate connection to all three persons of the Trinity as Mary does. Think about this. Mary was chosen by the Father to be the mother of Jesus. She was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit. She held Jesus within her womb. Her blood and milk nourished Jesus. Then, she held him in her arms and raised him. Later, she followed him all the way to the cross.

I’ve been blessed to know Mary since I was a child. When I was little, my sister, Patti, and I slept in the same bed. Patti is two years younger than me (to the day). Patti was afraid of the dark, so I would tell her that she should sleep, and I’d watch over her. To ease my anxiety about the night, I would pray, and Mary would pray with me. I’d see Our Heavenly Mother at the end of my bed, praying and watching over us.

By Mary’s presence and example of how to pray, she taught me that prayer works, We are never alone. Call on Jesus, Mary, saints, or angels, and they are there with us.

I’ve since seen, heard, or felt Mary’s presence in my times of need. I could never deny her significance or that of Jesus. Mary’s existence is, and always has been, to assist in Jesus’ coming to the world and our knowing him.

My experience isn’t unusual. I’ve heard countless stories similar to mine. People have encountered divine presence throughout the ages. The experience is so profound, that the memory is never forgotten or altered.

Whether or not we are aware, we are surrounded by God’s love, and beings sent by God, to guide, protect, and comfort us. But I do know that if our mind is noisy, it’s difficult to hear or see who is with us.

Be still and quiet, and you may notice a surprise visitor.


*For information on praying with Mary, take a look at these books: The Rosary Prayer by Prayer, Grieving with Mary, and Fatima at 100. Fatima Today.

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My son, artist Joseph Cannella, will also have a booth right next to mine.

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