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Who’s your Google?

My daughter, Erin, once told me I’m her Google. She is a lot smarter than I am in many ways but she does ask me questions the typical mom questions I can answer, like how long can she keep leftover potato salad. Maybe she asks me these questions simply to make me feel useful, but when someone, especially someone we love and respect, comes to us for guidance, it’s one of the best compliments.

Who is your Google? Who do you go to for answers? Most likely you have a list of go-to people depending on the information you are seeking. The one you consult with car trouble questions is different from fthe ones for home repairs, finances, relationships, baking, or child rearing.

When in need of assistance, consider all of your friends and relatives. Don’t forget about your Facebook friends. It’s rarely an intrusion when we respectfully ask for help. Rather, it is a compliment and shows appreciation of the gifts and talents of others.

©2013, Mary K. Doyle

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