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What’s Right?

How can one person know without a doubt what is right and just and another person be as certain it is the complete opposite? We all have access to the same information. If something is obviously right, why don’t we all see it that way?

Gay marriage is in the forefront of the news right now. This issue as well as abortion and immigration raise the boiling point of people on both sides of the fence. It is the current fuel for political debate. As a nation we are desperately trying to sort these things out. Perhaps out culturally diverse country makes this more challenging to accomplish.

These hot topics are morally based, and our religious beliefs and teachings typically guide our moral viewpoint. So we might think that, at the very least, everyone within a religious group would see the issues in the same light. But we know even this isn’t so. Nearly all congregations have members whose beliefs vary greatly.

Gay marriage is an emotionally charged issue because it is of the heart. It involves love, family, and relationships. I’m not sure how we reach a peaceful and fair resolution but do know we must tread lightly and with love and compassion.

©2013, Mary K. Doyle

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