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We Know Better

When I was a child, my family lived in Chicago. My parents sent us to Catholic school because they wanted me and my siblings to not only receive a better education but also a foundation of faith. This created a tremendous financial burden for my parents, but the gift was an investment in us that I’ve valued my whole life.

Between my parents and the nuns at Our Lady of Angels church and school, we formed a relationship with the Lord as well as a sense of ethics. We learned to be morally accountable. We were taught how to discern right from wrong and a responsibility to care for our fellow human beings. We developed character rooted in honesty and integrity.

Integrity is defined as the firm adherence to a code of especially moral values. Unfortunately, the lack of integrity is evident world-wide and in every facet of society.

I do believe that the majority of people are good, hard working, and compassionate. However, the percentage of those who are not wreak havoc on the multitudes. They cause great pain to the rest of us. Unfaithful spouses, selfish siblings, disrespectful neighbors, Internet thievery, and sabotage in the workplace is evident everywhere.

I know way-too-many people dealing with the effects of these issues. Someone they should have been able to trust stole their money, pride, position, security, or love. They caused hardship on multi-levels to the person they hurt and all those around that person.

Come on people. The world changes as we change. Take a hard look at yourself and note where you can do better—and then do just that. Become your best self. Lead by example.We all know right from wrong. Let’s practice what we know in our heart to be the right thing to do.

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©2016, Mary K. Doyle

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