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Update on New Book

If you’ve been following my posts, you know there have been a series on my upcoming book, Tranquility. Transformation. Transcendence. (See the posts “Patience in Publishing,” “Sell Sheet. The First Marketing Piece of a New Book,” and “The Birth of a Book.”) The book was expected to be available the first week of May. Unfortunately, we’ve encountered another delay.

The books were printed on time. However, when they arrived, my publisher and I agreed that the photos weren’t as vibrant as we want them to be. The photos are an important part of this gift book as they are paired with each poem and together are to promote the essence of the title–Tranquility. Transformation. Transcendence.

When printing photos, we have numerous decisions. The weight, texture, and finish of the paper, in addition to the type of press and whether ink or tuner is used, are all to be considered. The POD (Print on Demand) samples we ordered were run on an offset press with toner. The actual printing was run on a printing press with ink, which is why the photos on the samples were vivid while those on the regular press, were not.

Toner sits on top of paper while ink soaks in a bit. How much the ink soaks into the paper depends on its weight and finish.

I take numerous photos and have found that the finish can change the look of the photo considerably. Here you see samples of finishes on photo paper. I ordered the same photo with all the options available on Mpix, a site I use for photo prints, so that I could clearly see the differences. The choice of what the photographer wishes to accent and the mood to be set is mostly based on preference.

The printer, my publisher, and I discussed our different options and settled on another plan–heavier paper and a glossy finish. My book is being reprinted and should be in hand in a couple of weeks. Of course, the delay is disappointing, but I’m more concerned with this book being perfectly beautiful than released earlier than the time it takes to make it right. You can preorder the Tranquility. Transformation. Transcendence from the publisher, ACTA Publications.

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