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Update on Elmer, the Songster Wren

In the middle of May, I posted about a house wren I named Elmer who built a nest in a new bird house in my garden. Elmer worked diligently to decorate the space for his potential partner and the family he hoped would begin there, and then began his endless mating call.

Well, it appeared that Elmer did find a mate. There were two wrens in and out of the house for about a month. However, when the lady arrived, she wasn’t completely satisfied with Elmer’s sense of style. She added her own touches, and I have to say that she is not the neatest homemaker. She threw out some of Elmer’s decorations and left her own decor hanging out the door.

The couple likely produced some wee ones. For weeks, Elmer called out to all who could hear him to beware of coming close to his home. And believe me, his call is powerful. Elmer’s whole little body shakes while chirping a sound that can be heard in my house, with windows closed, and air conditioning running.

Sparrows and blackbirds could sense the eggs or chicks inside the house, because anytime Elmer took a break, the birds peeked in the doorway. Fortunately, the intruders were too big to fit through the door and indulge on the delicacies inside.

I never saw any fledglings, but the tree off my patio became noisier with wren calls. My guess is that once the baby wrens were out on their own, they took to the pine tree for perching.

At this point, either another group of eggs is in the house or Elmer is ready for round two with a new gal. I don’t know for sure, because I can’t see inside the house. What I do know is that Elmer is once again constantly chirping from dawn until dusk.

The guy sure has energy!

For more information on house wrens, see the trusted Audubon site.

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