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The Presence of Alzheimer's

“Memory is essential to our well-being, but why do we forget so much as we grow older? For some, it is a challenge to recall all but the most significant events and details. And even the events that once defined us fade away. In later stages of Alzheimer’s, many do not even know their own name. They live purely in the moment. The past is left behind bit by bit, and the future is of no concern whatsoever.

Perhaps this is all part of the spiritual lesson we learn from God’s name. God said his name is “I Am.” God did not call himself, “I Was” or “I Will Be.” God’s name is of the present, the now. This is a curious point to ponder. If God’s concerns are with the present moment only, we simply need to concern ourselves with our current thoughts and actions. Fretting over what did happen, or what may happen, should not be on our radar. The time to think and act is now.” (Excerpt from Young in the Spirit)

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