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United We Stand

Growing up in a large family, I learned about strength in numbers at a very young age. When confronting one sibling I knew I could achieve my goal with others on my side. And when our parents were terminally ill, we banded together to care for them and their home.

Together we shared the responsibilities, making it so much easier for each of us to handle everything in addition to our own households. That’s the “Power of We.”

Today is Blog Action Day, an event where thousands of bloggers all over the world focus on one global topic. The 2012 theme is “Power of We.”

Individually we are soloists sending out a lovely, single voice. Together we are a resounding chorus, vibrating and alive with intensity. As a family, church, neighborhood, philanthropic organization, state, and country, when we work together we accomplish great things.

We rebuild our neighbors’ barns destroyed by fire. We feed the hungry with donations to local food pantries. We walk to raise money for causes dear to our hearts. We found schools, community centers, hospitals, and care facilities. We answer the call to fill a need. Together We move mountains.

From our founding fathers to the present day, the majority rules in our democratic country. This is particularly important in light of the upcoming election. In the free world, our collective voice is heard on Election Day. Your vote is required to send a message about our desires for our country’s future.

We have the power to right wrongs, protect the innocent, and raise the living conditions of the needy. Each individual voice must speak up and contribute toward the chorus.

There is no We without you.

©2012, Mary K. Doyle

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