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Tranquility. Transformation. Transcendence

It’s here! My books have finally arrived—and they are BEAUTIFUL. The poetry looks great. The photos are crisp and bright. And the book’s size is perfect to keep in a purse, on a coffee table, or at bedside for an easy escape into the enchanting promises of public gardens anytime you want to open the book.

Tranquility. Transformation. Transcendence will make a lovely gift. Are you visiting someone’s new home or a sick friend? Need a birthday gift or something for someone just because? Add a small plant or plate of cookies to this book, and you’ll make the gift extra special. Of course, you deserve a copy, as well.

I wrote Tranquility. Transformation. Transcendence because I needed calm. Frankly, we all needed it. The last few years have been challenging. We endured the pandemic, extreme weather, and some frightening events in the U.S. We’re still recovering emotionally from all the turmoil. The stress of it all isn’t going to disappear overnight.

Prior to the pandemic, I was speaking around the country to family caregivers of loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease. I passed on information and guidance I’d gathered from caring for my husband who suffered symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease for at least 15 years and research while writing three books on the topic. Sharing what I learned was cathartic and rewarding. The families appreciated the solid information and especially the fact that I knew what they were going through as only one who has lived it can.

But the presentations also were exhausting and depressing for me. Every presentation included tears—mine and the audiences.’ I cried for myself, and I cried for them. My heart ached for “my” people knowing what the road ahead looked like for them. I gave them all I had at every presentation and left depleted.

At the start of the shut-down due to COVID, I also suffered some health problems that prohibited speaking even on Zoom during that time. In addition to multiple other symptoms, I had a chronic neurogenic cough from nerve damage to my vocal cords which made talking challenging. Perhaps, between the pandemic and my health, God was telling me that it was alright to move on to something more joyful. As I told my audiences, we can’t care for anyone if we don’t care for ourselves, and it was time I followed my advice.

I found my joy in the still and silence of searching for the perfect photos in the midst of lovely gardens and writing the poems for this book. The peace found throughout the photographing, writing, editing, and publishing process was rejuvenating.

And that is what I want for you and everyone who receives my new book. I pray that tranquility, transformation, and transcendence be with everyone who reads it. May meditating on the 72 photos and savoring the 72 poems bring you peace.

*Tranquility. Transformation. Transcendence. The Enchanting Promises of Public Gardens is available from the publisher. It also will be available from Amazon and my website, as soon as it’s listed, which should be any day.

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