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Totally Awesome Grout Cleaner

You get what you pay for is not always true. Sometimes you get less. Sometimes more.

LA’s Totally Awesome Grout cleaner gives you a whole lot more for your money. I’ve tried several products on our bathroom floors but haven’t found one that makes much difference – until now. Totally Awesome grout cleaner brightened the light colored grout better than anything I’ve tried.

Domestic Diva/Comic/Magician Ken Mate recommended the product to me. He found it in the dollar store! The cleaner really did work on white grout and for only a dollar.

Spray some on the grout and wait for about five minutes. Brush and wipe clean. You don’t even need much elbow grease. You can see the difference in this photo between the uncleaned grout to the left and the cleaned grout on the right.

Use the product with caution in rooms with little ventilation. The fragrance is light but it did trigger some asthma when I used it in one bathroom without a window.

©2012, Mary K. Doyle

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