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Summer in the Spring

March is typically rainy and dreary in the Midwest. We make the best of it by getting together with friends and family, readying the yard for spring plantings, and moving our heavy winter clothes to the back of the closet. We also celebrate any chance we can. Perhaps this is one reason why we love St. Patrick’s Day. In Chicago there are two St. Patrick Day parades; one on the North Side and one on the South.

But this March is unlike most. It’s actually 80 degrees and sunny today. The kids are out playing, and the barbecues are smoking. No need to escape to a Florida beach this spring break.

There are some who worry about the ulterior motive behind such a gift. Will the weather progressively heat up roasting us by June? Will it suddenly turn cold again, killing off the early buds? And the bugs are already out. Will we be totally infested long before we usually bring out the fly swatter and insect repellent?

I’ve decided not to dwell on such thoughts. Today is a glorious day, and I’m going to enjoy it.

©Mary K. Doyle

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