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Stop and Think

CO.July, 2010.View from San Sophia stop.9.copyright

While visiting my son and daughter-in-law in Colorado, we walked outside of their apartment building into the pitch black night when their dog, Lois, took off running and barking. We stopped in our tracks because Lois isn’t normally aggressive. Something wasn’t right.

And then we heard a deep, angry GRRRRRR.

I asked my son two questions, one more stupid than the next.

“What was that?”

“Bear,” he whispered.

“What should we do?”

“Go back inside,” he said.

Well, yes. Of course.

Lois smelled the bear and immediately warned and protected us. We were standing right outside the door. All that we had to do was call her back and return inside.

The simplest solutions are most often the best, and yet, overlooked. In this very complicated, technologically sophisticated world we tend to seek the most advanced answer. We/I do massive searches to gather all the information and facts. I have to know everything before making a decision.

But it’s a good idea to first pause a moment, assess the situation, and think. The answer may be right before our eyes. How often are service technicians called in to repair an item that isn’t plugged in, turned on, or charged?

Problem solving begins with the most basic steps. We may not have to go any further than that.

(Photo: Overlooking Telluride, Colorado)

©2013, Mary K. Doyle

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