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Special Gifts for Special People

If you’re looking for a special gift for someone on your list, I have a few ideas. These gifts run the full gamut of price, so you can find something unique within any budget, or stretch of it.

Artisans and craftspeople design tailored items for specific audiences. Think about gifts by fine artists, sculptors, florists, woodworkers, quilters, needleworkers, crocheters, and such. The range of gifts is as endless as their creators because everything is handmade.

These gifts include stunning charcuterie boards, scarves and mittens, quilts, paintings of landscapes or personalized portraits of family members and pets, stuffed animals and dolls, plates, naturally scented candles, and music.

I’ve found many of these types of gifts at my local French market and “downtown” shops. Most also are found on the craft people's website and Etsy.

The benefits of such gifts are that they are unique and tailored to the person you wish to present them to. If you want something specific but don't have enough time for it to be completed by Christmas, place a message that the gift is coming in a box for them to open.

Please also consider giving books. Most books are affordable and can be exactly what the receiver needs at the moment. Nonfiction can provide guidance and support. Fiction offers an escape. And poetry allows moments to pause and ponder.

Sure, you can order or pick up gifts that are mass-produced, but wouldn’t you rather be known as a giver who knows their recipient and wants to present them with something intended just for them?

*Photo: Acrylic Painting, Babies in the Bath, Joseph Cannella

**See my website for all of my books.

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