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Showing Gratitude

We’re repeatedly being reminded to appreciate what we have. So many of our neighbors have lost everything to floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, mudslides, fires, and mass shootings. Our loved ones, friends, school, home, employment, treasures, church, and favorite shops, that we take so much for granted, can instantly be taken away, just as theirs have.

Are we paying attention?

We complain about the little struggles that really don’t matter. And often, those complaints are aimed at the ones we love the most. We wouldn’t talk to or treat our friends the way we do to our closest family members. Most likely, we know they will put up with us no matter what. But just because we can get away with it doesn’t make it right or fair.

With Thanksgiving approaching, let’s stop and reflect on our many blessings. This beautiful holiday and its opportunity to show gratitude is quickly disappearing with the earlier onslaught of holiday commercialism. Let’s not look back with regret. Take a moment to pause and acknowledge the long list of gifts we’ve been given.

Let’s especially think about the people in our lives. Pause before speaking, reacting, judging, or giving our loved ones a look of disdain. These people are our greatest blessings. Let’s treat them that way.

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