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Respect Life—With Limitations

The world feels like a snow globe that keeps getting shaken. In addition to a world pandemic, the most bizarre reaction to a presidential race, and domestic terrorism, people we thought we knew are acting in ways that seem foreign to us. Their views are so out-of-sync from our own that we are completely confused by these people.

With this comes a lot of judging. If our thoughts are drastically in opposition to theirs, who is right? One of the current topics causing such debate is abortion. Specifically, should the question to abort a baby be the deal-breaker in determining the most righteous candidate, cause, or position?

Respecting life from conception is an issue of great personal concern. I do believe that taking a life at any stage is wrong. But it appears to me, that for many people, respecting life only pertains to the unborn. A living creature is another matter. Consideration for immigrants fleeing threats to their well-being, people of color and differing sexual orientation asking for fair and equal treatment and opportunity, convicted felons awaiting state-sanctioned homicide, and the destruction of God’s gifts of flora and fauna is minimal, if non-existent.

I believe my obligation is to strive to love all of God’s creations including the good, bad, and especially, the ugly. Judging belongs to the Lord. Seeing God in all people and all things can be challenging when they do not fit into our description of desirable or deserving, but they are of God, none-the-less.


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