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Repairing Broken Rosaries

Beads, chains, center pieces, and crosses. Serious rosary pray-ers have a collection of broken rosaries and rosary pieces. Inexpensive strings of beads are not well constructed and don’t hold up for long. If we use these rosaries, beads eventually pull away from the string.

Praying the rosary is one of my favorite devotions. It’s calming, allows me to escape daily stress, helps me to center myself in prayer, and is an effective way to meditate on the life of Christ. My goal is to pray the rosary every day.

With use, the wire and links become stretched out and bent. Simple repairs are needed along the way. We only need a handful of items, such as pins, chains, and rings, and one tool, a pair of rosary or needle nose pliers.

Sometimes the beads get lost before we can reconnect them to the chain. If six or fewer Hail Mary beads are missing, and they match the Our Father beads, we can remove all the Our Father beads and use them for the missing Hail Marys. Then we can replace all the Our Fathers with a different style. If more are missing, we may consider condensing the beads into a chaplet or prayer bracelet or use the pieces for spare parts in other rosaries.

When rosaries are beyond repair, burying the remains is the recommended way to dispose of them since they were blessed. Rosaries are a tool to assist our devotion. Wearing them out is a sign that we indeed are praying.


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