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While in a department store, I asked the technician at the cosmetic counter for advice. She kindly gave me a makeover. I thanked her, took one look at myself in the mirror, and immediately went to the ladies' room to wash my face. The make-up was so much more intense than I am comfortable with.

I should have known the outcome. The technician applied my make-up similar to her own. I became a reflection of her.

The people we allow to touch our lives leave their imprint. The more time we have with someone, the more we look like them, emotionally if not physically. If they are negative, petty, or jealous or generous, ambitious, and inquisitive, we can’t help but absorb some of their traits. Studies have shown this to be so even with eating habits. If our friends have poor eating habits and are overweight, we tend to be as well.

Surrounding ourselves with people who are what we strive to be will help us to become just that. We naturally know this in the workforce as we gravitate toward successful role models. It also is this way in our personal lives.

And we have to remember that we are the constant in every one of our relationships. We influence the people around us, so we need to ask ourselves if we are the type of person we want to be around.

©2014, Mary K. Doyle

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