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Quick Fix

The easiest, quickest solution often can solve a disturbing problem. The challenge is in discovering that solution.

I have a cabinet that has bothered me for years. The shelf in my cabinet under the kitchen sink was bumpy and worn. It looked terrible no matter how clean it was. Contact paper wouldn’t stick to the irregular surface and placing a board over it would be difficult to fit because of the irregular shape of the corner cabinet.

The solution was to press self-sticking tiles over it, an idea I found on Pinterest. Within less than an hour I was able to cut and stick over the mess giving the cabinet a clean look.

The tiles were 28 cents a piece from Home Depot. I used paper to make patterns for the odd-shaped tiles needed on the ends, placed the paper over the tiles, and slit the top of the tiles with a utility knife following the patterns. I then cracked the tiles along the slits.

The job took nine tiles for a total of $2.52 and less than an hour to complete. No telling how much it saved me emotionally.

©Mary K. Doyle

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