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Poem–Near, but Not Here

My mother passed away 25 years ago today (April 3, 1999) at the relatively young age of 70. Before she passed, she told me she had no regrets. All of her dreams had come true. She was happily married to my dad for nearly 50 years. She had five children, two wonderful sons-in-law, and nine grandchildren. She felt richly blessed.

Mom was a good woman, faithful, loving, hard-working. She devoted her life to her family. And I’ve been fortunate to feel her presence even though she is no longer physically in this world. Following is a poem in her honor.


Forever Our Mom

Twenty-five years in heaven.

She has missed so much. Or not.

Perhaps she has seen it all

from her spiritual viewpoint.

Mom’s words, I hear them still. 

In the quiet, she whispers.

I recognize her dear voice

as she guides, comforts, and prays.

Although, no longer on Earth,

her caring presence is near

When we’re stressed, sick, or afraid,

she wraps her arms around us.

She continues to be

the woman she’s always been.

She is Mom, Grandma, Aunt, Friend,

Loving, faithful, supportive.

Poem by Mary K. Doyle

Photo of me and my mother around 1996.

(Take those photos. I can’t get any more photos of my mother, and I wish I could.)

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