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Back when we wrote on typewriters there was a saying that typists type and writers look out windows. For content and idea driven writing, a writer must take note of what’s going on around them.

I make no excuses for play dates because in many ways, I’m always working. Whatever I do, I’m gathering ideas and information for future articles, posts, and books. Life is around me. When my eyes and heart are open, story ideas pour in.

I’m rarely stuck for topics to write about but when I am, I do something else that’s creative. An unrelated activity gives my mind a break and sparks new ways of thinking. I sew, garden, read, bake/cook, see a movie, check out Pinterest, or stroll through an art museum or park. After doing so, the writing flows freely.

One thing I do know for sure though is that I have to write. It’s my passion and makes me happy. I believe it is my God-given gift and must be fed. If I don’t spend some time each week at my desk, I feel smothered and sad.

I write to sort through my thoughts, learn something new, and express myself. Above all, my intention is to promote a sense of unity with readers, raise awareness on a certain topic, and/or offer some information in small digestible portions. In the end I hope to make the world gentler, kinder, and more loving.

My “free time” is limited these days. Writing this blog allows me to take a manageable amount of time every day or so to research a topic and play with words.

So, what’s your passion and how do you fulfill it? I’d love to hear about it.

©2012, Mary K. Doyle

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