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Nothing to Sneeze About

The sneezing has started. The long-awaited hope and beauty of spring may appear late in coming to the Midwest, but I already feel it is in full swing.

According to my Zyrtec ap, tree pollen is at medium level. Flowering trees are beginning to bloom and they are some of the worst offenders of allergies. Their pollen carries in the wind for miles.

Here are a few precautions to help lessen the effects of outdoor allergens.

  • Avoid parking under trees.

  • Cover up with a light jacket and slacks to keep pollen off of your skin.

  • Wash your hair, face, hands, and any exposed skin after being outside.

  • Remain indoors on days you feel particularly affected.

  • Talk to your doctor about allergy medications.

  • Try rinsing your nose with a neti pot. Many find it helpful, but it is recommended to use distilled or boiled and cooled water with it to avoid tap water that may contain bacteria.

  • Dust and vacuum your home often to remove airborne allergens.

  • Don’t plant shrubs, trees, and plants close to your home.

  • When you are really uncomfortable, consider relocating for a day or two.

©2013 Mary K. Doyle

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