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Not Done Yet

We think we are at a point of completion only to find that it’s just the beginning. We’ve all been there, countless times. Some projects are much more involved than originally expected. And that is where I’m at with my new website.

Previously, I announced that I designed and published my first website on my own. You may have checked it out and noticed that it was basic. Well, since that time, I’ve continuously made updates and changes. I'm experimenting with design and colors. My niece and godchild, Michelle, is a marketing design expert and guiding me in ways to make the site more accessible and enjoyable for guests.

I also considered moving my blog to my website where everything could be found in one place. Thanks to so many of my WordPress friends, I sought and found another option. The WordPress community is enjoyable, informative, and supportive, and I don’t want to lose that connection with you.

WIX offers an option to send my WordPress blog to my website, much like I do with LinkedIn and Facebook, while keeping the actual blog on WordPress. This possibility offers the best of both formats, and that is what I plan to do.

The challenge now is that when I imported all my past posts to the new website, they came in with no paragraph breaks or tags. Each post needs to be corrected before I can make viewing the blog on my site visible. I’ve written more than 500 posts on Midwest Mary, which means I’ll be occupied with this project for some time.

So, as I said in the beginning, I’m nowhere near finished with my new site as I thought a few weeks ago. Like me, technology, humanity, the planet . . . everything is a work in progress.

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