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No Need for Groundhogs


Here in the Midwest, we didn’t need a rodent to tell us we have six more weeks of winter ahead of us. Regardless of the groundhog seeing his shadow, we are fully aware of the mounds of snow around us and the alternating cold and snowy days ahead in the forecast.

The news is buzzing with salt shortages, record-breaking snow day closings at schools, and traffic accidents due to the weather. But there is good in everything, even in these conditions.

Personally, I like the brightness of the snow. There appears to be so much more light streaming through the windows as the sun reflects on the snow. And when outside, we are wearing sunglasses almost as often as during the summer.

Here are a few other positives about this winter weather.

  • Hot showers, hot drinks, and fluffy blankets are so much more enjoyable.

  • Snow resorts don’t have to make snow. The real stuff is here in abundance.

  • Snow removal and heating repair employees are banking a lot of overtime.

  • No need to hurry home from running errands. That ice cream in the trunk isn’t going to melt.

  • We get to wear beautiful scarves, sweaters, and boots.

  • Not enough space in the refrigerator? We can just set those cold drinks outside the door.

  • We’ve gotten our money’s worth out of our winter wear.

  • Snow plow sales are up.

  • Schools and some businesses have closed due to blizzard and subzero conditions. This has offered a lot of us days to enjoy family and the homes we work so hard to maintain.

  • Kids are getting a lot of exercise and practice building snow-people and forts.

  • Cuddling keeps us warm and happy.

  • Snow makes a good surface for identifying animal tracks.

  • Artists are not lacking in material for snow sculptures.

  • The farmers’ fields will have plenty of moisture for planting in the spring.

©2014, Mary K. Doyle

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