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Mother’s Day Blessings


I am rich in children. God’s  blessed me with three loving, healthy, beautiful children, a son-in-law, four grandchildren, four Godchildren, four stepchildren, stepchildren-in-law, step-grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and others I love like my own. And then there are all those I see in my dream. So often, these children, especially babies, are nestled in my arms while I dream on.

The gift of children is one I give thanks for daily. I know few other women are so blessed and Mother's Day can prompt a range of emotions in them.

For all the mothers who love their children, those who long for a child, and the mothers separated from their children as well as the children who have lost their mother or do not have one who loved them, Mother's Day is an emotionally charged occasion. In honor of all mothers and children in all phases of life, here is a prayer I posted in 2012 with a few changes.


Bless the tired mom. Bless the first-time mother. Bless the mother with disabilities Bless the mother who’s incarcerated. Bless the mother who is overwhelmed. Bless the mother who lost a precious child. Bless the mother who raises her child alone. Bless the mother who unknowingly harms her child. Bless the woman who mothers a child who is not hers. Bless the mother who doesn’t know how to love her child. Bless the mother who does without necessities to feed her child. And Please, Lord, Bless the mother who protects her child from harmful people. Bless the mother who works long hours to support her child. Bless the mother who cares for a child with disabilities. Bless the mother whose child does not love her back. Bless the mother who cannot hear or see her child. Bless the mother who is separated from her child. Bless the woman whose arms ache for a child. Bless the mother who loves a difficult child. Bless the mother whose child is ill. Bless the expectant mother.

Lord, bless us all.

* * *

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