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Midwest Mary’s First 100 Posts

The 100th day of school is a milestone celebrated in primary grades. Children bring 100 small items such as paper clips, bows, small candies, pennies, marbles, or stickers to visualize the amount of time they have been in school.

This is my 100th post of Midwest Mary. I’ve covered a wide range of topics including personal perspectives, how-to/DIY, recipes, writing tips, events, and product reviews. According to Word Press’ statistics the most popular posts vary greatly in topic, so it looks like you are up for most anything. Your comments and likes are my guide in determining future posts. Please speak up if you have a preference or dislike for particular posts.

To illustrate what Midwest Mary’s first 100 posts amount to, I’ve listed the titles below in chronological order. Click on a few you may have missed or want to reread. You also can search by category on the left side of this blog.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Great Buy in South Elgin,

Midwest Mary’s First 100 Posts

©2013 Mary K. Doyle

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