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Mexican Oregano

Plants go crazy in my kitchen. They love the bright Southern exposure from all the windows. I start with one little clipping and before you know it, I have a jungle. That’s what happened with a little plant from my sister, Patti.

Patti thought the plant was Mexican oregano. The leaves are succulent, furry and bright green and have a very pungent aroma. Patti gave me a few teeny cuttings in a pretty pot she stenciled.  As the plants grew, I broke off the tops and just stuck them in the soil. The cuttings quickly matured and outgrew the little pot. I started another bigger pot and have continued to do so many times over.

To be sure it truly was Mexican oregano, I brought a few leaves into my favorite Mexican restaurant. The owner affirmed it was indeed as we thought. She also said that they do use it in their recipes but never fresh, only dried.

Mexican Chef Rick Bayless offers several recipes on his website that include the herb including Sopa de Lima Clasica and Classic White Pozole with all the Trimmings.

I dried a tray of Mexican oregano leaves and am experimenting with it in my recipes. On my first attempt I sautéed tilapia in a little coconut oil and seasoned it with salt, pepper, garlic, and the dried herb. It was delicious. The Mexican oregano definitely adds a different flavor than the Italian version we are more familiar with.

Do you have a recipe using Mexican oregano? Please share it if you do.

©Mary K. Doyle

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