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Many Thanks

Thank you for all of the wishes for a Happy 70th Birthday. I appreciate everyone who took the time to comment on my post, text, email, send cards, and call. You made me feel very special.

My children asked what I wanted for my birthday, and I said I wanted time with them. They rented a house in Wisconsin Dells on a lake and part of Kalahari Resorts.

The gift was everything I could possibly hope for. We spent a long weekend playing together. I watched my children and grandchildren laughing and enjoying going down water slides, eating, playing arcade and yard games, laughing, and relaxing at the house. Mostly, everyone seemed happy just to be with one another.

By the end of the weekend, we looked like we partied hard. Confetti from the pinata decorated the house, we brought more food than we could eat, and I lost my voice from screaming on the water slides—those slides were scary!

I feel richly blessed and thank the Lord for so many people to love and feel loved by. May I spread that love that’s been showered on me for the rest of my years.

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