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Longing to Love


Holidays are opportunities to celebrate life with friends and family. They are occasions for us to mark the years with fond memories that help us get through tough days in the future.

Mother’s Day is such an occasion. My children, children-in-law, and grandchildren shower me with love and care, not only on Mother’s Day but always. I can’t imagine my life without them.

But I realize this also is a day that is painful for many. For the women who long for a child and are unable to conceive and carry a baby full term or adopt one, and those who lost a child along the way, Mother’s Day is a sore reminder of unrealized dreams. It’s also difficult for those who those who do not have a loving mother, or who’s recently passed away.

If you are one of those who found the day difficult, I am so sorry for your pain. I prayed a special pray for you on Mother’s Day. Perhaps God knows only you can use that longing to love in other ways the world so desperately needs.

©2013, Mary K. Doyle

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