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Kitchen Rain

I came downstairs Monday evening to find water streaming out of a kitchen light fixture over the island stove top. The island literally was one as it was surrounded by a pool of water.

The bread I baked earlier and left to cool on the stove top was a giant mushy sponge. There also was a path of water marks across the ceiling.

My brother-in-law and son-in-law urged me to puncture the ceiling in the soft spots. A few taps and we had water from who knows what source (yuck) raining down upon us.

I am not good in the midst of chaos. I like my house clean and organized but now most of my house is in an uproar with damages, reconstruction, and misplaced closet, bathroom, and kitchen items. Fortunately, we have reliable and reasonable service providers. A few quick phone calls and repairs are underway.

If you reside in the far western suburbs of Chicago and need help around your house, you may want to try my favorites.

  • Best Way cleaning service: 630-213-7184

  • Ed Kramer’s Attention to Detail (Home Repairs): 630-584-0482

  • Electrician Kurt: 630-346-2837

  • Klinkey Heating and Air Conditioning: 630-584-2591

  • Prairie Oaks Landscaping: 847-608-9711

  • Sal’s Painting: 630-330-0847

  • Shrine Brite Window Washers: 847-304-0100

©Mary K. Doyle

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