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The Midwest is steaming hot, hot, hot. We are experiencing record-breaking temperatures this summer and little rain creating a number of problems for farmers and consumers, some of which we have yet to realize.

Emotionally I feel better when I can perceive things in a positive light. So, here are some of my brighter thoughts on the unrelenting heat.

  • Siestas are necessary.

  • There’s no snow to shovel.

  • Less clothing is acceptable.

  • It’s too hot to work too hard.

  • It’s a good summer to relax and read.

  • Peaches are smaller but much sweeter.

  • It’s OK to sweat because everyone else is too.

  • Kids are enjoying lots of sprinkler and pool time.

  • Most of us are fortunate enough to have air conditioning.

  • All that water we should drink is more refreshing than ever.

  • Museums and libraries are cool and educational places to spend a hot day.

  • Air conditioner repair technicians and lemonade vendors are getting overtime.

  • When it’s too hot to go outside our chances of sunburn and skin cancer is reduced.

What cool ideas can you add to this list?

©Mary K. Doyle

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