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Grecian Get-Away

My head is spinning from a recent trip to Greece and a brief stop to the Amalfi Coast. I have yet to sort through the photos but am looking forward to sharing them with you along with some Grecian history and great experiences.

When my childhood friend, Sally, asked if I’d like to join her on this trip, my initial reaction was, “Why not?” Greece wasn’t on my list of places I wanted to explore, but there are few places where I wouldn't venture. Plus, the more I learned about the country, the more I wanted to see the sites firsthand.

Sally is an awesome travel companion. She’s an experienced traveler, interested in everything, and friendly. What’s more, we traveled with a great group that Sally traveled with in the past. Travelers came from an interesting mix of professions, backgrounds, and interests, and I hope to call these people friends from now on. Those co-travelers made the trip extra special.

Some of the places and experiences I plan on writing about include the mix of ancient ruins and modern buildings on the streets of Athens, the incredible markets in Athens, the delicious food, the Acropolis, islands of Crete, Spinalonga, and Santorini, the high-speed ferry boats that travel from island to island, and the Italian Amalfi Coast.

It was the longest trip I’ve ever taken—a total of 15 days, and I admit I was a bit out-of-sync living out of a suitcase for so long, changing hotels every three days, and having traveled little since the beginning of COVID shutdown in 2020. But it all was well-worth the effort and expense. I had a blast, and nothing changes your brain like the experiences of travel.

**October is the month of the rosary. For an easy way to pray this Christ-centered devotional and means to peace, see The Rosary Prayer by Prayer.

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