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Four Reflective Poems

In keeping with reaching this special point in my life, following are four poems of reflection.

The Mirror Knows

I think I’m the same,

then I look in the mirror.

Where did that girl go?


Life Scars

Stress, wrinkles, and scars

from so many challenges,

but still a good life.


Stronger from Struggles

Stronger from struggles.

Wiser from the twists and turns.

Humble from failure.



More memories than plans for the future.

More prayers for the dead than for the living.

More miles already tread than roads ahead.

The reality of a life long-lived.

More completions than unresolved issues.

More lessons learned than errors repeated.

More satisfaction than disappointment.

The reality of a life well-lived.

More appreciation than resentment.

More friends and colleagues than adversaries.

More pleasure and contentment than sorrow.

The reality of a life of joy.

More moments to cherish with loved ones. 

More hugs, laughter, and stories to be shared.

More living and inhaling life’s fragrance.

The reality of savoring now.


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