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Elmer, the Songster Wren

Once upon a time, in a far western suburb of Chicago, there was a little blue shingled house. In the spring of ’23, Elmer Wren chose this site for the family he wished to nurture.

Elmer decorated the interior with long twigs in hopes of showing off his design and manly skills. Each twig was carefully selected.

No matter the challenge, Elmer worked until he mastered his plan.

Once completed to his satisfaction, Elmer sang. Morning, noon, and evening he called to the ladies inviting them to check out the beautiful home he’d chosen and prepared.

Females randomly stopped by to peak in. One actually tossed some of his décor out the door. But as yet, there are no takers.

How long must Elmer sing?

Will Elmer win over a special lady to finish off his nest?

Will anyone want to raise a family with this handsome guy?

Stay tuned for further updates.

**Faith changes with age. As we encounter health issues, loss of loved ones, and the challenges of this very busy world, we typically grow closer to our God. Read Young in the Spirit for ways to build on our faith and how our relationship with the divine aids our aging process.

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