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Elmer, Sylvia, and the Mess They Made

The universal challenge for property managers is not only to select good tenants but to select good tenants who choose good roommates. This was my failing with Elmer Wren.

Elmer’s been covered in two past posts—Elmer, the Songster Wren and Update on Elmer, the Songster Wren.

Elmer is a good enough wren who occupied a new birdhouse in my garden. All was fine for about a month or two. Elmer sang his mating tune in May until he found a partner. Together, Elmer, and his lady, Sylvia, produced some little ones. Once the offsprings were able to fly, everyone vacated the property.

Elmer tried to sing for another mate for round-two, but he had no takers. If you saw the way Sylvia left the property, you’d know why. The quaint little house was in total disarray. Now, either a new friend will have to clean up Sylvia’s mess, or I, as property manager, will have to do so.

It doesn’t look like Elmer has it in him to clean. I guess his job is to install a few twigs in a humble abode and entice a female to do the dance with him.

I doubt there will be another sequel to Elmer’s story. I do see him around the house chirping from time-to-time, but the damage is done. The home requires some rehabbing before any decent young female will cohabitate with Elmer in that shambles of a nest, and before you know it, the summer will be beyond the time needed for successful fledglings.

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