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Direct Sales: Your Business Your Way

My husband, Marshall, used to say that sales is the one business that has no limits. You control your amount of income and the number of hours you want to put into your career.

When my children were young, I sold Avon and Tupperware. These companies allowed me to make some good money with the flexibility needed while caring for three little ones.

Today we have many home-based direct sales businesses to choose from. Along with some personal contact, such as home parties, most lean more toward the utilization of social media than door-to-door sales as Avon once did. But they all offer an opportunity to own a business, be your own boss, and make it as successful as you want it to be.

Every company has their own twist in this very competitive market. For example, Beautycounter offers safer cosmetics and personal care products. Pampered Chef is known for quality kitchen items. And my favorite, Young Living, carries a wide range of pure essential oils. I promote Young Living while also pursuing my writing career, public speaking, and working as a trade rep for my publisher.  (If you decide to purchase or join Young Living, please use my full name as a reference – Mary Doyle Brodien)

Self-employment comes with as many challenges as there are rewards. If you’re interested in following the direct-sales path, here are some points to consider:

  • Will you be selling a product you personally use and value?

  • Is there a start-up fee or requirement?

  • Must you meet a certain quota?

  • Do you have friends, family members, and neighbors who you believe will be interested in what you sell?

  • Are you comfortable reaching out and talking up the products you sell?

  • Are you disciplined enough to market, sell, collect, and maintain records for tax purposes?

  • Do you want to work this business as your part-time or full-time employment?

  • If this is your sole income, can you support yourself when sales are low or non-existent?

  • Can you afford your own medical insurance?

  • Are the hours you hope to work this job doable with your current family/employment situation?

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