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Comfortable in the Background

I’m invisible. Especially when I’m with my husband, no one sees me. When we are out shopping or at dinner, people stop him. They tell him how much they loved him on TV and chat without acknowledging my presence. It doesn’t matter where we are or for what reason. It happens all the time.

At a recent medical visit, I approached the receptionist to check in for my first appointment with a new doctor. The receptionist never even looked at me. She started right in telling Marshall how much she loved him and asked him if he remembered her from another doctor we used to see years ago. I said I saw that doctor with him. She continued to tell him about my visit, the doctor, and the office. I reminded her that I was the patient. She responded by handing me new patient forms to complete.

I believe every situation is a gift. Scenarios such as these certainly keep me humble. And actually, I prefer not to be the center of attention. But I also realize I can use this invisibility to my advantage.

Magician/comedian Mac King puts on a yellow rain cape and calls it his Cloak of Invisibility. He says it enables him to perform magic without anyone seeing. I wouldn’t even need the cloak to do magic.

I once interviewed a gentle, peaceful Native American man named Ghost Walker. I should learn his ways and walk silently among you.

Or I can work undercover. I could write stories without anyone knowing I’m observing.

If I was a CEO of a large corporation, I could go on the television show “Undercover Boss.” I love the word incognito, but there wouldn’t even be the need for me to disguise myself.

I also could work as a secret shopper. Better yet, I could be a secret patient.

(Can’t see the photo above of me? Of course not. I’m invisible.)

©Mary K. Doyle

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