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Check Points

Periodically, we benefit by stopping and looking at where we are, what we are doing, and where we want to go. Without reassessment, we either take our many blessings for granted or do not make the changes that will help us grow. We get stuck in a rut, spin our wheels, and go nowhere.

Our housing, job, or relationship may have been the perfect solution at the time we chose them but no longer work well for us. We continue working in an office because we enjoy fellow employees but know we have no room for advancement, would prefer a different position, or could increase our earning potential elsewhere. We live in a home that is currently too large, too small, or too far from work. We remain in relationships that are difficult or even detrimental because we do not want to be alone.

Making life-changes can be scary. We worry about making the best decision as if life and death depends upon it. But such fears, which most often are without reason, hold us back from attaining our dreams. Few choices alter our future so significantly that everything is affected by them. Most only affect a segment of our lives and can be changed or modified as we go along.

That pathway to a happier, fuller life begins with a pause. Stop and look around. Then take one little step.

©2013, Mary K. Doyle

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