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Buddy not Bully

We commonly say that respect is earned. But it’s also true that respect needs to be taught.

Think about when we were children and how parents reminded us to greet grandparents and other guests in our home, say thank you when receiving a gift—even if we didn’t like what was given—and apologize when we hurt someone’s feelings or did something wrong.

Respect doesn’t just happen. Children must be taught these lessons and reminded often if we hope for a future generation that considers their effect on the people around them.

The ROAR (Respect Others Act Responsibly) Show is a nationally touring school assembly program for young students. The two available age-appropriate progams--one for grades K-2 and another for grades 3-5--assist parents and teachers with teaching important life-skills such as inclusion, responsibility, respect, and safety. Al “the Respect Guy” Ulman offers examples in an informative yet engaging format as to how to be a friend and respecting property and one another, as well as how to deter the actions of a bully.

Teachers also are offered support materials that include activity pages, worksheets, and discussion questions to reinforce the lessons learned in the presentation.

I’ve known Al Ulman for decades and attended several of his magic shows over the years. This was the first time I was able to sit in on his ROAR Show, and I was impressed at the subtle intertwining of information and magic. The result is an entertaining show that children obviously enjoy while learning.

My neighbor, Lisa, is a kindergarten teacher and happened to attend the earlier show on the same day I attended. One of her students was selected to assist with a magic trick, and Lisa said the entire class enthusiastically cheared her on. Students returned to the classroom talking about what they learned and the fun they had. Lisa added that most significant to her was that lessons were ones she had been presenting to students earlier that week.

See The ROAR Show website for more information on this important program or to contact Al “the Respect Guy” Ulman.


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