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Thank you to everyone who follows my Midwest Mary posts. I appreciate all of you, especially those who read what I write and view the photos, “like” posts, and/or comment. Midwest Mary is just one of the nearly 60 million blogs on WordPress, so I truly am grateful that you follow mine.

Whatever your interests may be, you're sure to find a blog that delves into that topic. Do you like to read about health and nutrition? Check out Dr Hyman, Healthaware, and The Nutrition Expert. If you have a particular health problem, there’s likely a blog for that, as well. For example, I follow for Fibromyalgia Assistance and Support.

Perhaps your concerns are more for the health of our planet. If so, see posts by Barbara Crane Navarro. If you enjoy nature see My Third Eye!

WordPress offers many poetry blogs. Some of my favorites are Kaushal Kishore, Roth Poetry, and Akita International Haiku Network.

For literary analyses, try Interesting Literature.

You'll get a daily chuckle at NPC Humor, an original cartooning blog.  

I learn from fabulous photographers on blogs such as Bay Photos by Donna and Photos by Jez. See Bird Spots for incredible bird photos.

For a unique blog that focuses on safety, check out EHS Safety News America. MoTEnv-MTE offers an intriguing assortment of posts on topics that range from technology and technical drawing to the environment. And Pacific Paratrooper writes about the Pacific War.

Enjoy the adventures of Monkey's Tale and 100 Country Trek. I certainly do.

I’m especially fond of blogs that are positive and uplifting including Looking for the Light, Into the Light Adventures, Uniquely Fit Blog, and Daily Interesting Blog. And PK Mundo and Tips from Sharvina are full of wisdom.

As with every community, the more we comment and participate in activities, the more friends we gain and the more we get to know and understand one another. I’m enjoying connecting with bloggers and readers who live all over the world.

For example, I follow Vocacionados, which is written in Portuguese. Language is rarely a barrier, because most blogs can be translated by going into the actual blog site and clicking on the post. An option to translate should appear in the upper right corner.

This is a small sampling of some of the incredible blogs you’ll find on WordPress. Search for yourself on topics of interest, and look at readers who "like" or comment on your new favorite blogs. You’ll soon meet and enjoy others with similar tastes.

My list of favorites is too long to mention all of them here. So please, fellow bloggers, forgive me if I left out your blog. You are awesome, and I look forward to seeing your next posts. May the new year be good for every one of you.


Do you enjoy photos of nature? Check out my newest book, Tranquility. Transformation. Transcendence.

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