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Blogging Basics—How Long and How Often?

How long should a blog post be? How often should we post?

In most cases, the answer to both questions is the same—it depends. The audience, topics we cover, personal writing style and time dictate the post length and frequency. However, in general my recommendation would be to write as you want to read. Write posts that are easily consumable—ones that can be read in a few minutes, that are focused, credible, clear, and concise, and on a somewhat regular basis that doesn’t overload a reader’s inbox.

Honestly, I unfollow bloggers who have little to offer, post too often, or whose posts are too long. What is too long or too often? Once again, that depends, but I’d say that a good gauge to consider is that a few paragraphs comprise a post, a few pages is a magazine or newspaper article, and more than one short chapter is a book. Even my books tend to be rather short. I hope to keep readers engaged throughout and not intimidated by a thick read. Most of us today have short attention spans.

Prior to writing books and public speaking, I wrote newspaper and magazine articles, marketing and business material, and content for cable tv, radio, and online forums. Each type of writing has its own style, although much also carries through. We always need to know our audience, share solid information, and write clearly.

Writing is my passion, vocation, and career. I’ve been writing professionally since I was in my teens and strive to write pieces that are informative, comforting, inspiring, and/or entertaining. I want readers to feel better, happier, and motivated after reading my works.

I’ve been writing Midwest Mary since 2012 and wrote several other blogs that I’ve since closed. I know if I posted more often, I’d have more readers. My goal is to post twice a week, although I rarely achieve this because of other obligations and health constraints. My audience has also become more worldwide, which is likely true for all long-time bloggers, therefore I don’t assume readers know the background of what I’m writing, especially if it is locally oriented. A little more explanation may be needed in these posts.

I’d love to hear thoughts from other bloggers and readers as well as questions from potential bloggers. What do you think makes a solid post?

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