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Bless All Mothers

Mothers are blamed for everything that is wrong with their children, no matter how old the “children” may be. We somehow are responsible for all the shortcomings and failings throughout our children’s lives. And we do this to our own mothers as well. We know exactly how they failed us.

But when we become mothers, we begin to understand the challenges and circumstances our own mothers faced. I believe that the majority of women love their children and care for them the best they know how. We just have human limitations and little to no preparation for the most important role of our lives.

There are so many things I wish I’d done differently raising my children. But I know that they know I love them totally and unconditionally and always have. That is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children, and it is one I received from both of my parents.

I am abundantly blessed with children in my life. I have three children of my own who I love with my whole heart. I also have two son-in-laws, a daughter-in-law, two step-sons, two step-daughters, two step-daughter-in-laws, two step-son-in-laws, eight step-grandchildren, and four godchildren along with nieces, nephews, and other young people I cherish more with each passing moment. These “children” enrich my life on many levels and I pray and give thanks for them every day.

My prayer this Mother’s Day is that God blesses all women who are mothers or long to be.

I pray:

Lord,  Bless the new mother. Bless the everyday mother. Bless the mother with disabilities Bless the mother who is incarcerated. Bless the mother who lost a precious child. Bless the mother who raises her child alone. Bless the mother who unknowingly harms her child. Bless the woman who mothers a child who’s not hers. Bless the mother who doesn’t know how to love her child. Bless the mother who neglects her child due to ignorance. Bless the mother who does without necessities to feed her child.

And Please,

Bless the mother who protects her child from harmful people. Bless the mother who works long hours to support her child. Bless the mother who cares for a child with disabilities. Bless the mother whose child does not love her back. Bless the mother who cannot hear or see her child. Bless the mother who is separated from her child. Bless the woman whose arms ache for a child. Bless the mother who loves a difficult child. Bless the mother whose child is ill. Bless the expectant mother.

Lord, bless us all.

©Mary K. Doyle

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