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Best Tea Travel Cup


Tea drinkers, listen up. My son Joe gave me a cup that is perfect for tea-on-the-go. Once you try it, no doubt it will be your go-to tea infuser.

The usual way to make a cup of tea on the run is to throw a tea bag or tea ball of loose tea into a travel mug. After a few minutes you either have to pull the dripping tea out of the mug – and do what with it? – or leave it in there resulting in a strong, bitter taste.


The Aladdin Perfect Cup Tea Infuser offers the solution. A tea basket hangs from the lid with a lever to raise it in and out of the tea whenever you wish. It’s simple and fun to use and dishwasher safe.

Pour hot water into the cup. Fill the basket with loose tea or a tea bag, snap the lid closed, screw the lid on the cup, and lower the lever. Although the cup is not a thermos, it is slightly insulated and will keep your tea hot longer than in a regular cup.

I use the infuser every day to prevent spills on my desk or computer. The 12 oz Aladdin Perfect Cup Tea Infuser is available from Aladdin  for $18.99 or Amazon for $18.71.

©2015, Mary K. Doyle

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