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Which is better for us? Should we always choose the easy route or push ourselves to do more?

The path of least resistance is the pathway that is the easiest for something to follow, such as the natural movement of water or electricity. When we use this phrase for humans, we refer to the easiest way of doing something.

In order to experience advanced situations, we must go out and seek opportunities rather than wait for them to be presented to us. We need to strive for goals that are challenging but offer greater rewards.

And then there are those times when we don’t even have a shovel and dig ditches with a spoon. On these occasions, it’s likely to be in our best interest to work at something within our reach than what is far beyond the tools and talents we have.

I’ve gone through many situations where my struggles to achieve something were unrealistic. I worked endless hours only to scrap my plans and move on to something else.

At this point in my life, I’m reassessing and redirecting paths that haven’t worked for me. I’m looking at projects that make sense, that highlight my talents and strengths. I’m also honestly assessing situations that once worked well but no longer do, such as in the way I presented in the past. Today, for several reasons, I realize I’m better at open discussions on a topic than presenting while following PowerPoint.

Another rather mundane example is with my hair. I’m naturally a curly girl. A good part of my life, I’ve straightened my hair. I’ve spent endless hours forcing my hair into submission with brushes and flat irons only to see it return to its natural curl on humid days like today.

At least for now, I’ve given up the fight and am allowing my hair to heal from all the tools that dry it out. I’m letting it dance in whatever direction it wishes—which is every direction. My hair’s a hot mess, a free-for-all of waves and curls. It’s like a party where every strand of hair does its own thing.

What are your thoughts on following paths of least resistance? What do you think about my hair? Which looks best on me–straight or curly?

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