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After Sandy

I’m worried about my Goddaughter, Kara, and her family. She lives in New Jersey and I haven’t been able to reach her. Hopefully, she’s safe but without phone service.

Our East Coast neighbors are hurting deeply right now. Sandy’s destruction is massive. Some areas are completely destroyed and will never be the same. It’s all so disheartening.

The thought of it makes me feel a bit guilty. Part of me wonders how I escaped the tragedy. The photo above was taken in the Western suburbs of Chicago on Monday evening, October 28, just before Hurricane Sandy’s attack. Most of the Midwest has enjoyed cool, lovely days since then.

No matter how badly we feel for someone going through horrendous difficulties, our lives go on. We run for our train, pick up the kids, prepare for a meeting, and grab lunch with a friend. We’ve had our share of disasters in the Midwest – tornados, floods, fires, power outages, blizzards. We know what that clean-up, rebuild, and loss is like. But there is no purpose in suffering with them. This is our time to keep going and holding up the rest of the country.

And there are ways we can help. We can physically go to the East Coast and use our talents and muscle or send supplies or money. We also can pray.

If prayer is your action of choice, please add Kara and her family and all the victims of this storm to your list.

©2012, Mary K. Doyle

* Friday, November 2: I received a call from Kara this evening and she and her family are well. Their home was relatively untouched and power just went back on but many of the houses around her were severely damaged. Thank you to all who prayed for their safety.

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