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A Moment of Pause

Taking a few moments to pause is essential for our health and stamina, especially if we are busy caring for our loved ones. Following is a short excerpt from my book, Inspired Caregiving. Weekly Morale Builders. This book is divided into 52 weekly topics with a prayer, thought, affirmation, stretch, activity, quote, and smile for each topic.

The excerpt is taken from the topic “Pause” under the category "Thought."


“Acting and reacting, we caregivers run through the day from one activity to another. Remember that you are not being timed. Pausing for an extra breath, a short prayer, or a sip of water is often beneficial towards achieving a better response to a situation.”


**Inspired Caregiving is available from the publisher, ACTA Publications, Amazon, and my website.

***Photo: Big Island of Hawaii

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