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10 Ways You Know You Are a Magician’s Wife

Following is a post I wrote in 2013 that’s been my most popular. I thought those of you who haven’t seen it would enjoy it, and those who have, may like to see it again.

From past posts, you may remember that I was married to magician Marshall Brodien until his death in 2019. Marshall was the creator of TV Magic Cards and Marshall Brodien magic sets. He also played the clown/wizard character Wizzo for 26 years on WGN TV’s Bozo Show.

In our 23 years of marriage, I entertained a steady stream of guests at our home to see Marshall and his magic, assisted Marshall on stage a couple of dozen times, and attended countless magic conventions with him. All this magic got me thinking about how it influenced me. Here are my top ten ways.


Mary Doyle Brodien’s Top 10 Ways You Know You are a Magician’s Wife

You know you are a magician’s wife when:

10). There is a magic museum in your home.

9). Your ceilings are decorated with playing cards.

8). You act surprised when you see the same trick for the hundredth time.

7). You are shopping and notice clothes that would look good on stage.

6). You discuss eyeliner and face powders for reducing shine with groups of men.

5). Everyone in your household, including the family dog, is part of the act.

4). A romantic dinner out includes disappearing salt shakers and card tricks for the wait staff.

3). You’re not opposed to your husband coming at you with swords.

2). You look at a box and wonder if you could fit in it.

And the number one way you know you are a magician’s wife –

It’s normal for your husband to tie you up, stuff you into a cloth bag, and lock you in a crate.


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